Client’s Rights and Responsibilities

As a client at Bowen Center, your personal information will be held confidentially and released only through procedures as outlined in the privacy laws. In some instances, such as a court order, records can be released without a client's permission. In other instances, exclusions to confidentiality may include reports or evidence of abuse, neglect or exploitation of children or endangered adults, specific threats against people, threats of suicide and other exclusions as provided by law and reflected in Bowen Center policy and procedures.

A Client has the right to:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity and be provided with courteous, professional care, without discrimination due to race, religion, color, gender, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, HIV status, or gender identity.

  • Receive services in a safe environment.

  • Receive culturally competent services

  • Give informed consent regarding treatment, medication and side effects

  • Understand and participate in the behavioral health treatment process

  • Receive confidential care and record-keeping

  • Request to change psychiatrist, service provider, clinician and/or get a second opinion

  • Receive a timely response to problems or concerns about treatment

  • Have access to medical records

A client has the responsibility:

  • To give your practitioner complete and honest information about your past and present health, mental health and/or addiction symptoms and to inform the practitioner of any lifestyle, health or mental health issues that could affect your health or the health treatment plan

  • To assist your health care provider in compiling a complete record by authorizing the Health Center to obtain necessary information from appropriate sources

  • To understand and follow the treatment plan prescribed by your healthcare provider and to discuss any difficulties or questions you might have adhering to the treatment plan or to following health care provider recommendations

  • To ask questions and seek clarification regarding areas of concern; and to weigh the consequences of refusing to comply with instructions and recommendations

  • To act in a respectful and considerate manner with Health Center personnel and patients

  • To arrive at your appointments on time or give timely notice of cancellation, so that other patients may utilize that time

  • To fulfill financial obligations for care and services at the time services are rendered

  • To perform all administrative functions with regards to filing his/her insurance claims


If any client believes his/her treatment has not been provided fairly, Bowen Center will provide an advocate through the grievance process.

The phone number is (574) 267-7169 or (800) 342-5653. The client may also call the Consumer Service Line of the Indiana Division of Mental Health at (800) 901-1133.