Bowen Recovery Center

The Bowen Recovery Center is a comprehensive treatment approach to helping those suffering from Opioid Use Disorder. It is an expansion of the Medication Assistance Treatment (MAT) Program and includes Methadone. When taken under a doctor's care, Methadone has been determined to be a safe medication to treat the physical withdrawal symptoms of Opioid use.

Medical Services

A medical doctor specializing in addictions is on site daily.  All new clients will be required to meet with the doctor the very first day and undergo a comprehensive history and physical assessment.

Individual Counseling

Licensed counselors are on-site daily. They will meet with new clients the first day and conduct a Psychosocial Assessment. Clients will then be matched and required to participate in weekly counseling and case management sessions.

Nursing Support

Licensed nurses are on-site daily to administer the medication to ensure the proper dose is received and monitor for symptoms of withdrawal or side effects.

Group Support

Clients are required to participate in one of the many different support sessions that are offered.

Resource Room

Clients are encouraged to take advantage of the variety of information and community resource materials available in the Bowen Recovery Center Resource Room. It is a safe environment where clients can learn more about rebuilding the social, psychological and physical aspects of life.


Bowen Recovery Center

1415 Directors Row
Fort Wayne, IN 46808





Weekdays: 5 am to 1pm
Weekends:  6 am to 10 am