Autism Services

Bowen Center is a leader in Northern Indiana in the development and provision of services for children and families affected by Autism and related social and emotional disorders. Bowen Center offers two specialized programs along with diagnostic testing.

Social Smarts Groups

Bowen Center has sought to meet the needs for the development of social awareness and social problem solving for our clients on the Autism Spectrum by using the Social Thinking curriculum and methodology developed by Michelle Garcia Winner. While Bowen Center is not directly affiliated with the Social Thinking organization we use the curriculum for the basis of our Social Smarts groups. These groups are offered for children ages 5 through 18 with some groups available for young adults. Groups are usually made up of a maximum of six members with at least two facilitators.

Activity Based Approach is used to teach:

  • Expectations involved in being part of a group

  • Using “whole body listening”

  • Identifying emotions in ourselves and others

  • Making connections about how our actions affect how others think about us

  • Understanding the difference between a “glitch” and a “big problem”

  • Tools to manage emotion and behaviors

The PLAY Project

Bowen Center offers an early childhood intervention for children under the age of five called the PLAY Project. This program targets the social and emotional development of children on the Spectrum. Services consist of a total of 12 home visits where the PLAY consultant coaches, models and educates the caregivers on PLAY methods and techniques. At each session a video is made of the parent and the consultant interacting with the child. A report with recommendations is generated after each appointment to encourage more meaningful and playful interactions between the child and caregivers.

Caregiver Resources:

Autism Screening PDF