Student Assistance Programs

Life gives students tough problems. Usually people can work them out, but sometimes the problems are too much to be handled alone. They begin to affect personal happiness, family relationships and good health. Often, they spill over into work and school and affect job performance.

Without proper help, these problems can become worse and result in tardiness, absenteeism, accidents, many medical bills and even loss of job. And with students it can result in tardiness, absenteeism, failing grades, strained relationships with teacher and peers and even with family.

You don't have to face these problems alone. The Bowen Center helps thousands of adults and youth each year to cope and find solutions for life's problems.
Helping Students:
Good productive students are a school and community's most valuable asset. They are our building blocks for a brighter tomorrow.

The Bowen Center and the Student Assistance Program (SAP) recognize that these students face far more challenges than is sometimes seen on the surface. The SAP is designed to provide support, clarity, and practical help, in successfully negotiating the sometimes overwhelming terrain that students and families face during these "growing" years.

The Bowen Center's SAP provides confidential, professional assistance to students and their families. Help is provided so they can resolve problems that affect their school performance, home life or own personal issues.

A school counselor can also encourage the use of the Student Assistance Program when a student's behavior or performance is faltering. The school counselor will meet with the student and parents and identify the concerns at hand, and will remind both that the SAP could be a valuable option to resolve the issues identified.

Early identification of potential problems teamed up with professional counseling services can result in the student, family and all involved back on the road to success in a very short time in most cases.

Providing easy access:
It's easy to receive help through your Bowen Center Employee Assistance Program. To make an appointment or set up a consultation, call 1-800-342-5653 and ask for an Employee Assistance Specialist. The Bowen Center's receptionist will put you in contact with the appropriate staff member so you can receive prompt, personal and confidential help. Be sure to mention that your company has an Employee Assistance Program. With convenient office locations in Fort Wayne, Albion, Huntington, Wabash, Warsaw, Columbia City, Plymouth, and Syracuse help is easily accessed.

Providing quality care:
The Bowen Center's experienced well-trained, professional staff helps students' families cope with problems and regain their sense of personal well-being. Student Assistance Program services at the Bowen Center include:
* Evaluation and assessment sessions
* Counseling sessions for students and family members
* Assessment and treatment for alcohol and/or other drug problems
* Appropriate referrals
* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service

The Bowen Center's philosophy is to help students and their families with whatever problem is affecting their lives. When needed, the Bowen Center will refer an employee to other professionals.

Assuring confidential services:
We will keep your visits and what you talk about confidential. We use a team approach, so we may consult with our colleagues here at the Bowen Center for help and ideas for resolving your concerns We will not let anyone outside the Bowen Center know anything about your visits here without your written permission. However, there are a few situations in which we must break confidentiality, either because we are required by law to do so or to keep you or someone from harm. Although these situations rarely occur, you should be aware of these requirements.

We may break confidentiality when:
* we suspect a child is being neglected, physically or sexually abused, and it hasn't been reported to the authorities.
* We discover that someone's life (yours or someone else's) is in danger.
* Your records are demanded under a court order.

Providing affordable services:
Under the Student Assistance Program, a certain number of prepaid sessions are offered to students. Your school corporation or the Student Assistance Representative at Bowen Center can tell you all about your school's personalized plan, including the number of prepaid visits.

After the prepaid visits are used, the student or student's family is responsible for the cost. Services are reasonably priced. Many times personal insurance will underwrite the cost or a portion of the cost. Clients are also provided services on a sliding-fee scale basis. Bowen Center staff is prepared to work with families to develop arrangements for payment of fees.

The Bowen Center can help:
The Bowen Center is a community mental health agency that offers a full range of professional services to meet mental health needs of individuals in northern Indiana. For almost 45 years, the Bowen Center has dedicated itself to the provision of excellent care to families, individuals and organizations.

A wide variety of services is available for all ages. The Bowen Center's expanding range of services includes: family therapy, marital counseling, adolescent and children's counseling, alcohol and drug abuse treatment, individual and group therapy, stress management, hypno-therapy and biofeedback.

The Bowen Center is:
• accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
• licensed by the Indiana Division of Mental Health.
• certified by the Indiana Department of Addiction Services.
• certified by Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other insurance companies.
• certified by Medicare and Medicaid.
• a member of all local Chambers of Commerce in the Center's area of operation