Bowen Center Residential Services

Wilson - Castaldi Group Home (Warsaw)

The Center assists adult chronically mentally ill individuals to find apartments in the area. Bowen Center staff provide the case management to assist the client to develop independent living skills in order to maximally function within the community

Russell House
Serving the adult chronically mentally ill population, the Russell House is 10-bed psychiatric group home located in Plymouth, Indiana.

Case Management Services for Adults
All clients who struggle with chronic mental illness have a staff member assigned as a case manager. Case management includes a variety of helpful services to optimize functioning in the community, utilizing community resources, and staying engaged in therapy. For some adult clients who are at risk for re-hospitalization or failure in the community, intensive in-home services are available.

Community Supported Employment (Vocational Services Program)

This is a unique program to create community employment opportunities for chronically mentally ill adults through a win-win partnership between private business, industry, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and Bowen Center. Services include assessment, job placement, job coaching, advocacy and vocational case management.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient (A-IOP):

Staff provide group treatment for adolescents who require resolution or stabilization of short-term problems or who need on-going psychiatric treatment. The goal of the A-IOP program is to provide an intensive therapeutic experience that will allow individuals to overcome their difficulties and be productive within their family, community and educational settings.

Adult Intensive Outpatient/ Partial Hospital Programs:

These intensive group therapy programs exist to serve the needs of adults with varying behavioral healthcare needs. One of the goals of the program is to provide an alternative to hospitalization and/or to offer a smooth transition from a recent hospital stay to a less intensive level of care. The program is divided into two separate and distinct services.

Children's Intensive Outpatient (C-IOP):

This program offers an intensive, after-school, structured, therapeutic group environment for children 4 to 7 years old.

Community Support Program (CSP):

The CSP provides services for individuals who struggle with serious and persistent mental illness. These individuals have often experienced severe psychiatric disabilities which have had a substantial impact on their ability to cope with the demands of day-to-day living.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP):

The IOP is designed to serve those clients who have experienced psychiatric difficulties that may be situational, but not chronic in nature. An individual in this program may or may not have been hospitalized due to a mental illness and is in need of more intensive services than a traditional outpatient model.

Early Intervention Program (EIP):

Therapeutic groups meet during or after school on school grounds to provide services to students of various ages and needs. Referrals to these programs may be from parents, teachers and Student Assistant Programs.

Reaching Actual Potential (RAP):

An innovative approach to treatment which combines both a strong educational component and effective behavioral and emotional management into a therapeutic day school program. These programs are joint efforts between Bowen Center and the Special Education Cooperatives of local school districts and provide a full day of school with a full-time therapist as part of the classroom staff.

Seniors Reaching Seniors:

This program provides new approaches and support for senior citizens who require stabilization or resolution of issues which threaten their independence. The support group serves individuals who are experiencing chronic and/or acute emotional problems. Seniors Reaching Seniors is for individuals who may be faced with being placed in a more restrictive environment such as an inpatient unit, nursing home or state hospital. Seniors access these services to resolve anxiety, depression and isolation and to simply feel happier and more productive during their "Golden Years" of life.

Summer Youth Program (SYP):

If you are interested in kids programs, donate to our Summer Youth Program! Each summer in our Bowen Center communities, the Summer Youth Program, provides therapeutic activities for at-risk kids. There are many program needs that go unmet each year due to funding constraints. Some of these are :providing transportation to and from the activity location, educational field trips, snacks and food. The benefits of the mentoring process that takes place during Summer Youth Program is immeasurable. Please consider giving to this beneficial community program!

Call: 1-800-342-5653 or 574-267-7169 and ask for the Grants and Giving Department.