Outpatient Services

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Evaluation and Treatment: Specialized evaluation and treatment services are available to children and adults suspected of suffering from ADHD. While this disorder has been the subject of much controversy, it is clear that it is widespread among both children and adults. In order to promote accurate diagnosis and effective treatment , Bowen Center has developed a team of ADHD consultants. These professionals have extensive training and experience in diagnosing ADHD and developing appropriate treatment recommendations. East team Consultants are available in each county office location.

Alcohol/Drug Treatment Services: Depending on the level of dependency or addiction of the client, a range of outpatient alcohol and drug services is available across the Center. Services include Relapse Prevention treatment.

Brief Outpatient Counseling: Bowen Center's outpatient division has converted to a brief/time-efficient therapy model. This approach emphasizes clients' strengths and seeks prompt, practical solutions to problems. Our purpose is to help clients achieve lasting results in the shortest possible time. Therapy is designed to provide high client satisfaction with consistently successful outcomes. While brief therapy is all that is needed in most cases, longer term treatment is available when appropriate. The Institute also provides training to other professionals interested in our work. Specialty outpatient services also available include hypnosis, biofeedback and anxiety/stress management.

Diagnostic Assessment and Evaluation: Assessments on an outpatient basis might include psychiatric assessments, psychological testing, and assessments by other professionals depending on the specific questions to be answered.

Psychiatric Services and Medication Management: In addition to the services provided by psychiatrists on the Inpatient Unit, outpatient services are available. These include evaluation and consultation as well as psychoactive medication management on a short to long term basis. In addition, psychiatric nurses provide injections and other outpatient medication support services.