Bowen Center's Addiction Services

The Bowen Center is committed to helping individuals and families struggling with addiction. Addiction affects mental health, emotional health, relationships and can lead to death when untreated. We offer various services including individual, group, and medication management to assist clients in developing a treatment program that meets their needs. We serve individuals struggling with drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating disorders, and other addictive behaviors.

Substance Abuse

• Inpatient for medical stabilization if needed (alcohol, benzo)
• Individual Counseling
• Group Counseling: Five Levels of outpatient treatment
• Drug Screening
• Opiate Risk Evaluations

We address different types of individual needs by offering various groups:
• Moral Reconation Therapy
• Skill Building — Relapse Prevention
• Matrix Model
• Seeking Safety
• Anger Management.

Codependency The effects of chemical dependency reach far beyond the addicted person. Family members suffer in the upside-down chaotic world of the chemically dependent person. When these problems occur in families, members may become codependent. Codependency treatment is a specialized, outpatient program for relatives. Trained counselors use education sessions, information and therapy to deal with codependency issues.

Intervention Sometimes people who are chemically dependent do not think they need help. They deny having a problem and do not see its effect on their lives. Intervention is a process that allows family members, employers, or concerned others to help before the addicted person hits bottom. The Bowen Center intervention team works with concerned relatives and others to intervene in a planned, caring way and help the chemically dependent person to accept treatment and begin a recovery program.

Employee Assistance Program The Bowen Center provides consultation for business, industry and schools to help address problems employees encounter. Evaluation and treatment planning are available, as are management training and workshops designed to help supervisory personnel focus on work performance problems among employees. Supervisors are taught how to refer someone for counseling, and Bowen Center can assist in planning and initiation of an employee evaluation. In addition to treatment, educational materials, including printed information and video presentations, are also available.

Community Education The Bowen Center chemical dependency staff is available for presentations to schools, church groups, community organizations and civic groups. Seminars and parent education classes are also available. To schedule a speaker, call the Bowen Center in your community. Specialized Programs

Women’s Programs Women’s programming is available at most Bowen Center locations to help women affected by substance use to deal with issues such as domestic violence, codependency, childhood issues and other areas of grief or loss.

Teen Programs We offer a specialized program for teens in which we help them explore and build skills in areas of various need including self-esteem, peer pressure, relationship skills, stress management, goal setting and emotions management.

Moral Reconation Therapy “Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a systematic method designed to promote positive self image and identity, help clients learn positive social behaviors and beliefs, and begin to make their decisions from higher levels of moral judgment.” Some of the topics that are covered include: honesty, trust, acceptance, relationships, helping others, goal setting, and maintaining positive change.

For more information on substance abuse, please visit these websites:

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse)
Alcoholics Anonymous

To schedule an appointment, call The Bowen Center’s Access Department at 1-800-342-5653.

Problem Gambling

For those who suspect they suffer from a gambling addiction, The Bowen Center provides a free first assessment. Bowen Center services for problem gamblers include:

• Administering South Oaks Gambling Screening
• Individual Treatment
• Providing Psychiatric Services as needed

 Other resources for problem gamblers include:

IPGAP (Indiana Problem Gambling Awareness Program)

Gamblers Anonymous

Other Addiction Services

Other addiction services would include individual counseling and medication management to address eating disorders, tobacco cessation, sex addiction (pornography, etc), and other impulse control behaviors.  These treatment programs would include developing a treatment plan that includes doctor support, nutritionists, and medication to treat mental health problems exacerbated by the addictive behaviors.

Various interventions may be used to assist client in reducing or eliminating harmful behaviors and assist client in developing skills to build a recovery lifestyle. Referrals to specialized groups such as DBT, MRT, Anger management, Seeking Safety, etc can be made to address other problems.

We understand that overcoming the harmful effects of addiction is often a long and difficult process. We believe that people can get healing and hope back in their lives and live in freedom.  Please contact us if additional information is needed and look forward to helping you or your loved one.