A message for psychologists,
                                  pre-docs and post-docs

Bowen Center is a psychologist-friendly environment. We have one of the largest cohorts of licensed psychologists, post-docs, and pre-doctoral psychology interns in the State of Indiana. We place a strong emphasis on deliberate, evidence based clinical practice. We work daily within multidisciplinary service teams. Bowen Center psychologists collaborate with local offices of the Department of Child Services (DCS), courts, probation and community corrections officers, school personnel, medical providers and other partners to assure that children, adolescents and adults in need are properly assessed and linked to those services that are most likely to yield positive treatment outcomes. We remain true to our mission to provide high quality care to the most needy among us.

Members of our psychology team provide specialized assessment, consultation, diagnostic and psychological testing services across all age groups. We provide ongoing oversight of skill training and support system development services that are provided in the community by our large cohort of paraprofessional staff. We participate in a variety of specialized programs and services. We devote time and expertise to promote quality care by taking a leadership role in clinical training, consultation and supervisory activities.

Bowen Center serves a large region across northeast and north central Indiana and has offices across a wide geographical area. To promote team cohesion and mutual support across the miles, we communicate often. We meet quarterly to network, build relationships, and to share expertise, ideas and solutions. 

We welcome inquiries for psychologists who are already licensed in Indiana, those who have their state Health Service Provider (HSPP) endorsement, as well as candidates completing their doctoral studies who seek supervised post-doctoral experience as they work toward earning these credentials.