Client Rights and Responsibilities

Mission: Bowen Center's mission is to positively impact the quality of life of those we serve by providing professional, caring, cost-effective behavioral healthcare services.

Confidentiality: In accordance with professional standards, all information is held confidential and released only through procedures consistent with the law and professional ethics. With a court order, records can be released without a client's permission. Other exclusions to confidentiality may include reports or evidence of abuse, neglect or exploitation of children or endangered adults, specific threats against people, threats of suicide and other exclusions as provided by current statutes and/or current Bowen Center policy and procedure.

Clients Can Expect:

• Recognition, respect and dignity as an individual.

• To be served in a clean, safe and secure environment.

• To receive information and services in a language they can understand.

• To receive impartial treatment, regardless of race, religion, sex, ethnicity, age, handicap or source of financial support.

• To be served in the least restrictive and most cost-effective environment.

• To receive prompt evaluation and treatment.

• To be involved in all aspects of their care.

• To be informed about:

1) the results of evaluations; 2) costs and expected outcomes of treatment; 3) alternative treatment options; 4) credentials of individuals responsible for their care; 5) risks/benefits of treatment.

• To request and receive a change in therapist when appropriate.

• To have religious and cultural values and beliefs accommodated within the scope of the therapeutic environment.

• To have continuity of care, including appropriate follow-up care, planned and initiated at discharge.

• To know, with prior written consent, of involvement in any special observation, treatment procedures and audio/visual recording.

• To retain legal rights provided by state and federal law.

• To be informed of the side effects, discomfort and risk benefits of any medications recommended.

• To make an informed decision to accept or refuse treatment.

• To have family members or other significant individuals involved in treatment decisions when appropriate.

• To request the opinion of a consultant at their expense and to request an in-house review of the treatment plan.

• To receive assistance in acquiring protective services when necessary.

• To receive assistance in obtaining a healthcare representative or guardian as needed.

• To obtain a personal advocate.

• To be informed of the rules and regulations of the facility applicable to their conduct.

Grievance Procedure: If any client, regardless of age, feels his/her treatment has not been provided fairly, Bowen Center will provide an advocate through the grievance process. The phone number is 574-267-7169 or 1-800-342-5653, extension 433. The client may also call the Consumer Service Line of the Indiana Division of Mental Health at 1-800-901-1133.

Client Responsibilities:

• To provide complete and accurate information.

• To read and understand any forms that you need to sign.

• To participate actively in treatment planning, treatment work and in the review process.

• To ask questions and discuss any aspect of treatment which is unclear to you.

• To respect other clients and staff and their right to privacy and dignity.

• To voice any concern through proper channels.

• To be aware that disruptive, aggressive or other inappropriate conduct or lack of cooperation with counseling recommendations could result in discharge from services.

• To keep scheduled appointments, cancel only when absolutely necessary, and give at least 24 hours notice of cancellations. Failed appointments may result in a charge.

• To fulfill payment for service agreement and freely discuss fee and payment schedule when necessary.